Surbiton, KT6

Extension and renovation, Surbiton KT6

We were invited to this project by the architects, whose detailed, carefully thought-through design have transformed an outdated property into a wonderful modern home.

Scope included –  modern open plan kitchen extension with floating corner, front porch, renovation, bespoke joinery, rear landscaping.

Copse Glade-2
Copse Glade-1
Copse Glade-4
Copse Glade-5
Copse Glade-8
Copse Glade-6
Copse Glade-19
Copse Glade-21
Copse Glade-23
Copse Glade-14
Copse Glade-25
Copse Glade-27
Copse Glade-28
Copse Glade-32
Copse Glade-34
Copse Glade-35
Copse Glade-39
Copse Glade-44
Copse Glade-49
Copse Glade-26

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