Kensington, SW5

Kensington, SW5 – Renovation

This wonderful modern penthouse occupies top two floors of a prestigious estate in Kensington. It was purchased just a few month before our clients decided to give it a complete makeover.
Impressive entrance to the building is followed by a private elevator that takes you straight to the penthouse. Totus created lots of light in the property – open see through shelves and new light staircase. Updated flooring, joinery and tiling give the place an airy, almost ethereal, feel. Energy flow in the lounge takes you to the dining area and the kitchen where one of the walls is leaning, shaping an interesting perspective. Newest electronics and AV systems were fitted along with air conditioning in the whole property. Natural light to the lounge area comes not only from windows but also from the ceiling – roof terrace is fitted with semi-transparent floor that lets sunlight through to the lounge. Roof terrace was also completely remodelled into a tranquil urban garden area.


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